The friendship meter would be a feature that would allow individuals to select different time settings, in which potential friends would have to meet in order to remain on their friend list, and to climb the different levels of the friendship meter.  A quick example of one part of such a feature is as following:

Level No.       Minimum Interaction     Time Before Level up or down

10                150 min (2 hr. 30 min) monthly           5 straight months

9                  140 min (2 hr. 20 min) monthly           4 straight months

8                  130 min (2 hr. 10 min) monthly           3 straight months

7                  120 min (2 hr.) monthly                       3 straight months

6                  110 min (1 hr. 50 min) monthly            3 straight months

5                   100 min (1 hr. 40 min) monthly           3 straight months

4                   90 min (1 hr. 30 min) monthly             3 straight months

3                   80 min (1 hr. 20 min) monthly             2 straight months

2                   70 min (1 hr. 10 min) monthly               2 straight months

1                    60 min   monthly                                     1 month

0                   Below 60 min (1 hr) monthly                Off of Friend Meter

The above is an example of what the original friendship meter setting could look like. Once an individual selects their desired setting, the meter would automatically appear before another user’s friendship request is sent to the meter’s author (creator). If the sender of the friendship request agrees with the content of the meter they’d select ok and the request would be forwarded

Once a user accepts another user’s friendship request, the date and time would be recorded, and the monthly interaction meter would start.

Whenever, both individuals interact over the web, the time would be taken away from the minimum interaction time setting.

Both individuals would also be able to choose to see a live meter showing the interaction time setting ticking away, or choose to see a notification at the end of their interaction displaying the remaining time on such a setting.

The feature could also have a smart phone APP, that would tally the time that two individuals might interact off line (in person), and deduct such a total from the balance of the time setting.

The online feature and offline APP could also have a rating system for each interaction, that could also be used to send the other person higher up the meter levels faster, or to drop the other person off the friend list faster.

The friendship meter data would provide a lot of information about the user, and about different groups of individuals (ethnic, age, gender, etc.).

The friendship meter’s most important function (purpose), would be in measuring the potential friend’s (friendship request sender’s) commitment level.

The feature stated above was recently thought up, therefore, I could polish it up a lot. Also there are certain aspects that I didn’t mention that would make such a meter more interesting, because I’m hoping to intergrade the meter, in its entirety, into the network that I have envisioned.